We provide full NRG service for any product sold by us or through one of our authorized resellers. This service consists of: personal contact, rolling up your sleeves and old-fashioned mentality. No choice menus, annoying conditions or fuss. You and your customer are central to us.

In order to assist you in this as best as possible, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Questions about the use of an article (such as setting up the computer OR the operation of apps OR connecting it with your smart device) should be asked to the selling party.
  • Also check out our page with frequently asked questions:
  • Many of the solutions can be found in the manual of your device. If you no longer have this in your possession, you will find an overview here.
  • Would you like to order parts outside of warranty and you no longer have a receipt? Send an e-mail to, you will receive a ticket number and we will respond with a price and delivery time.

If you have completed the above steps, you can fill in the form below by pressing start.

Since the warranty conditions and terms differ per brand, we request that you also indicate your brand in the form below. If possible, we try to help you by phone or email first. If this does not work, we provide home service. We will then engage our service partner. You will be notified of this by us. The service partner will then make an appointment with you by telephone to schedule an appointment.

If the service request falls outside the warranty period, we will always inform you in advance about the possible costs and possible delivery times for parts.

Fill in the form below as completely as possible. Incomplete forms may lead to a delay in processing your service request.

An accompanying photo or video helps us to make the best possible diagnosis. The file cannot be larger than 5 MB. If you want to send a file larger than 5 MB, please do so via Wetransfer to (free up to 2 GB).

Please note: user errors and overdue maintenance are not covered by our warranty conditions.